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    André Marhaun

André Marhaun is a multi-lingual teacher, mystical-spiritual story-teller and poet on the Path of Light. In his work, influences of his native German and European mystic and fairy-tale heritage merge with the deepest traditions of the East. André has been writing and later publishing poems since his seventh year on Earth. His first novel is currently in progress.

André holds a Doctorate in Law from the University of Tübingen, Germany. He is specialized in international law. His doctorate dissertation on Human Dignity and International Law was published in 2001. He has also studied at the universities of Berlin (Free University) and Freiburg in Germany and at the Imperial City of Kyôto’s Dôshisha University, JapanHe has been a scholar of the German National Academic Foundation.

André has served as a Coordinator for International Relations for Japanese local government and as an intercultural advisor and teacher in Tôkyô and as a teacher in Australia and Uruguay.

His path has taken him to many countries all over the globe, and he hopes to continue traveling on the Path of Light. André is deeply interested in religion and spirituality, he likes learning languages. He is currently doing some research on the relationship between intuition and inspiration and non-traditional forms of writing, is in the process of learning Neurolinguistic Programming and plays the piano and sometimes the organ. If you would like to, he could also accompany you on your way to happiness.

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