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I have tried to explain the process in much detail. If you would rather not like to read all this, please feel free to call at once  : ).

1. Services and Languages

a. All services are offered in German or English. Texts can be created in German or English, the possiblity of Spanish texts would have to be assessed in each case and due to circumstances.

The following description is about the general text service. For other specialized services, please click view the following pages:
You might also want to check my calendar for classes or special events.       
b.  General Service

I write a text, possibly - depending on the flux - a poem or a fairy tale. I would advise you to try and interpret it yourself (but we could talk afterwards, about what some aspects of it could mean).

To contact me, you can either write or use the phone. I can call you back, if you do not reach me.
If you like, please tell me why you would like me to write for you. You do not need to, yet it might be helpful.

You can ask for a text of a certain genre, but please only do so, if you really feel, that this is the optimum.

I will need to wait for an appropriate time, so I cannot guarantee to perform immediately. I could do that, but I advise strongly against and suggest instead letting me wait for the moment that feels best.

(If, additionally, you would be interested in receiving a weekly motivational poem or words, then have a look here.)

2. As to contents

What I will tell you is what I feel, see or perceive in general (this is – at the time of having written this – not about „clairvoyancy“ !) in relation to your inner or outer question or request. I will tell you in poetic form. You could see that as a form of “life-counselling” in a non- technical sense (*)The accent is on your being able to get something from which you may take or understand something that could help you.

3. Ways of Communicating by Stories

This can be done by meeting each other, by e-mail, by mail or by phone.
If not being able to arrange a meeting to connect to you, phone might be the easiest option. If you concentrate on my fairy-tale, story or poem, it might change according to your needs (or wishes, so be careful not to let  wishes not directly related to your spiritual or life-aims overcome you). Therefore, it would be helpful in case of just doing it by mail, if you could tell me something about your situation or why you would like to hear something from me. Maybe we could even make an appointment for a time when you concentrate for the process – and I start to create the work.

You can obtain the written text, as far as it is not a telephone or direct session, or a tape if we agreed upon that before.

a. In Written Form

I will send you the text either by mail, fax or letter, according to your wishes.

b. Direct or phone sessions

Direct or phone sessions are possible. In that case, you will not reiceive a written verison of what is spontaneously  performed.

3. Contributions

a. Pricing

aa) Texts

Because of the intuitive approach, the length of the text cannot be predisposed.

Thus, the text primarily created in response to your order may be short, very short or longer than expected. To achieve a satisfactory modality of payment, I offer to create, if the text is shorter than the normal length defined herafter,  not only one, but multiple texts until the assumed "standard length" of 8 verses in the case of poems or song texts or one page (12 - point - scirpt Times New Roman, 35 lines per page) is reached. These, I could create more or less directly after the first one, but I would advise you in that case to contact me a little while later and ask for the other poem(s) then. Thus, the then-current situation could be taken into "intuitive consideration". Nevertheless, the offer of requesting further text(s) for the same order is valid only  for six months after your order of the original poem.
The price for the standard lenght is 100 Euro or its equivalent in Yen at the time of payment. This includes VAT and no additional taxes nor
anything for postage, packaging, shipping or handling will be added to this price.

In case the text exceeds the "standard length" considerably, I would like to ask you to consider, in how far you would like to pay an adequate amount more than originally agreed upon or done, though this is no contractual obligation. Nevertheless, should the text be longer than four pages, I am entitled to deliver the text only after receiving payment of an adequately increased amount.

bb) Direct and Phone sessions

Direct and phone sessions are measured as to the actual time spent. One hour costs 200 Euro (or the equivalent amount in Yen at the time of payment - incl. VAT; no additional taxes will be added to the price). If the session lasts less then one hour, the costs for phone sessions will decrease accordingly  (3, 33 Euro per minute).

Personal sessions will have to be payed with at least 125 Euro (including VAT; no additional taxes will be added to this).

In both cases, you can always immediately stop the session, though the author does normally not advise that.

cc) Furthermore

Travel and accomodation expenses have to be reimbursed.

As to further, especially legal, questions and general terms of contract, please see here

b. Payment Methods

The easiest way is to ask me, how to proceed best. However, you can directly proceed using one of these methods (aa) and bb) are preferable to me):

aa) Bank Transfer

Please observe, that you will have to bear possible fees when using direct transfer. To access my account information, please click here.   

bb) Cash
(also see here) and Money Orders

By meeting or, as far as the law allows, you could also send the amount or an (international)  money order by letter, bearing the risk of it arriving, though.

cc) Credit Cards

You can pay by credit card using Paypal or, perchance (depending on the case, then) Moneybookers.

dd) Paypal or Moneyookers

You can pay by Paypal, please inquire whether a payment by Moneybookers ("Skrill") is possible, at the moment.

c. Ordering

Please contact me by using these data for ordering or inquiring. Please carefully read the details / terms and conditions, which will be part of our agreement. 


(*) This sentence is not applicable in countries where life-councelling is restricted to holders of certain certificates or to members of certain professions.