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Written Texts for Works of Music



The Poet





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Songtexts and other written texts to be put into music can be an expression of musical intuition as well. The artist grasps the intuitive stream evoked by the music and allows himself to be a channel for its expression.
Thus, the entire work will be a unity, will be one.

Here, you can order texts for songs and libretti for operas, operettas, oratorios, or musicals.

How to procede

Give me the melody – I will give you the text.

Or, if it is pure, give me an atmosphere, or a feeling – or give me a thought or a subject) – and I will create a text that is a powerful basis for your work of music yet to be written.

Please feel free to inquire for further details.

Quid pro quo  

Unless we agree upon otherwise, there is a basic price (the general prices are applicable here), as well as a share in the profit realised by the entire work that is to be negotiated.